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    Dolce Kaos

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    Two different worlds in a continuous physical and olfactory exchange, two opposite worlds that coexist in a place called Kaos. The idea of ​​Dolce Kaos comes from a short circuit of thought that brings together a memorable phrase by the Sicilian writer Luigi Pirandello, a famous film by the Taviani brothers and a place in deep Sicily, a real but also fantastic place called Kaos. Dolce Kaos evokes a Sicilian landscape made of land and sea. A sunny countryside in the August sun, burnt by an intense light, where everything is yellow, rust, apparently immobile, time marked by the insistent song of invisible cicadas. The earth smells of arid, hay, wild herbs, dry straw, thyme, dark-skinned carob ... But the sea is not far away: in Kaos two different worlds meet and talk to each other.

    Via Dei Mille perfumes are made with the highest quality ingredients and with a selection of Sicilian essential oils.