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    Georgia Dress - Flamingo Combo

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    The brick jersey dress is characterised by its striking handmade tie dye and sleek draping details.

    Crafted in Indonesia, each dress has been dyed by hand and carries its own unique expression.

    The short design it defined by draping details in the side making it stand out, yet the silhouette is simple and easy to wear.

    The fit is tight with small sleeves and a round neckline.

    Wear it with western boots for a summerly rock ‘n’ roll attitude.

    To make the brick print, colours are added mainly on the edges of the fabric folded into a brick.

    Accuracy is key, and it is essential for the artisans to add just the right amount of colour in order to create the distinctive fading print.

    This is a technique that requires lots of skill and expertise to master.

    All our dyes are created by hand and heart in our own dye house in Bali.

    Here we work and collaborate with the most skilled local artisans, who have carried on the expertise of dying techniques for generations.

    Each product is unique - that is the beauty of things made by hand and heart.



    100% cotton


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